Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day at the Bookstore

I do like to have a bit of fun at the bookstore on April Fool's Day.

This year I made up some customer holds and put them on our holds shelves for staff to find. Hold slips are printed out with the customer's last name printed vertically on a piece of paper, so that when wrapped around a book, the name reads down the spine. In addition, there are spaces for first name, phone number and email. I chose books where the name would (hopefully) be distinctive enough to catch the attention of other booksellers, as well as being appropriate to the book (or item) to be held. We also had to have more than one copy of the book on hand in case someone really did come in to purchase the book. Here are some of the holds that are on the shelf:

Tiger Woods has the book, GOLF TIPS, by Golf Digest magazine on hold.

Hermione Granger has the Hermione Granger wand on hold, under her email address:

Christopher Robin has THE COMPLETE TALES OF WINNIE THE POOH on hold, under the email:

Bilbo Baggins has a copy of THE HOBBIT on hold.

Tyler Durden is holding a copy of FIGHT CLUB.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is holding a copy of STRENGTH TRAINING ANATOMY.

GRANDMOTHER'S BEST RECIPES is being held under "Nana".

Arthur Conan Doyle has THE COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES (in leather!) on hold.

Katniss Everdeen is reserving a copy of THE HUNGER GAMES.

Hugh Hefner has THE JOY OF SEX on hold.

BUDGET WEDDINGS FOR DUMMIES is on hold for K Kardashian (I figured that any one of those sisters could use this book).

Michelle Duggar has reserved TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR FERTILITY.

And Tony Soprano reserved a copy of THE GODFATHER.

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  1. I LOVE this! Any feedback from other booksellers?

  2. No feedback from other booksellers. All that happened was that I found all of the book hold slips in my box when I came to work the next day. A little disappointing, but I had fun.