Monday, August 29, 2011

Wonder Bar

A woman came up to the Information desk. She was about 5'10", maybe in her 60's, wearing a black, drapey shirt, with a bright pink and green scarf around her neck. Her hair was highlighted and windblown and she had lipliner with the lipstick faded out.

"I'm looking for a book," she said, "and I don't know the author. I'm pretty sure the title is Wonder Bar. I read about it, it's Wonder Bar."

"Hmm," I say as I check our system for the title. "I don't know that one, and that title isn't coming up in our system...could it be perhaps, Wonder Boys? Or Tender Bar? Those titles are similar..."

"No. Neither of those. It's fiction, I know that. It's Wonder Bar. I wish I could remember the author." she says.

"Well, let me look on the internet, see what I can find," I say. I search the internet, come up with no books with that title. "Do you know what it's about?"

"Let's see, it's about a boy who goes into bars and finds his father. No wait, he finds fathers. In a bar. Something like that." She waves her hand.

"Okay," I say, "I'll keep looking." She wanders away from the desk, evidently figuring that I won't find it. I search that basic plot line and come up with Tender Bar, which is a memoir about a boy who finds father figures as he spends time in a bar as he's growing up. I retrieve the book from the shelf and take it to her. "I think this might be it," I say. "It's not fiction, but it is a memoir about a boy who spends time in a bar and finds men who become father figures to him."

"That's IT!", she says. "Thank you so much!"

       The Tender Bar: A Memoir

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