Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Customers 26

Favorite customers one day:
Audrey, a woman in her late 70's or early 80's, grey hair, wearing a light blue sweater and using a cane, puts her books up on the counter and tells me she has to move into one of "those retirement places". "It'll be fine," she says, "but I won't have as much room for books as I have now." She puts her hand on her heart and says, "And I have to read!"

A caregiver brought Geraldine into the store. Geraldine is in her late 90's, her long white hair is pinned up on her head, and she was wearing a blue and pink checked shirt. She uses a walker, and is so stooped, she's almost at a 90 degree angle to the floor. She's hard of hearing, her speech is hard to understand. Her caregiver says she would like to see an atlas, a world atlas as a gift for her brother, who is turning 90. And do we have any large picture books of Japan? He would like that as well. She would also like a book on Spanish verbs. She is fluent in Spanish, but would like to brush up on some verbs.

Riley, about 9 years old, came up to me and told me he was having problems with his e-reader. He'd already called the customer support line, and they'd talked him through a factory reset of his device and it still was having problems. His mom was standing back a bit, there to offer help if needed, but letting him do all the talking. He explained the problem to me and told me about what he'd done so far to get help. We did some troubleshooting and then helped him get a replacement. Quite impressive for a 9 year old!

The customer who, when telling me how to spell her name which had several S's in it, said:
"C as in 'candy', A as in 'apple', S as in 'sunshine', S as in 'sunshine'...

The couple buying a shopping bag with a picture of a cover of To Kill a Mockingbird on it who said:
"...and the best thing about getting this bag is that she can use this bag for trick-or-treating, because she's dressing up like Scout for Halloween!"

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  1. What wonderful customers! Nice post.

  2. Scout? For Halloween? That's an awesome idea for a costume!