Friday, August 19, 2011

Sending Books Away

I've sent some books away in the mail. Most often when I do this, it's books we've read that we're done with. Of course there are books that have come into our lives that we can't part with, or can't part with just yet. There are many, however, which have come into our lives for a brief time, and sometimes we feel as though we know just who to send them to.

There is Vanessa Diffenbaugh's THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, which I'm sending to a friend who makes amazing sugar flowers for wedding cakes (see her blog at The flower connection between her wedding cake flowers and this book is just too good to pass up.

     The Language of Flowers: A Novel

Tina Fey's BOSSYPANTS came into my life through to me as a random act of bookcrossing kindess (thank you icekween01!). This book has been sent to another bookcrosser who has wished for it.


Sherman Alexie's THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN is also going to a bookcrosser.

     The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

I am sending a Dover book of pictures of travel posters and postcards to a good friend and crafter. It was on a clearance table at work and has a picture of a poster of a mountain near where we grew up. I'm hoping she can use the pictures in some wonderful craft project. She is also a blogger! Her blog can be found here:

     Old-Time Travel Posters and Luggage Labels CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)

Seeing well-loved books on my bookshelf is wonderful. Passing books along to someone else is also wonderful. I love knowing that they will fall into other book lovers' hands.

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  1. Receiving Books: This gift came as a wonderful surprise at a time when I really needed it. I came home from a long day of work feeling depleted and tired. Thank you, thank you! An unexpected package in the mail from a friend is always wonderful and this book of old-time travel posters and luggage labels has me contemplating craft projects using this great resource.