Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Messages


We found strips of cardstock with this message printed on it sticking out of several of our titles by conservative authors (and yes, on the strip the word 'conservative' was spelled incorrectly). This happens pretty regularly, though most often the little messages usually slam liberal leaning books.

We find religious tracts in books by liberal authors, or in the Gay/Lesbian section of our store. People will move copies of The Bible to The New Age section, or place a Bible in front of a book about a liberal president or politician. They might turn all front facing books of a particular title backward, so customers can't see the title. It's as though they think that their strategically placed messages will change people's minds. Or maybe it's just to get people riled up.

At the store, we find it kind of amusing to see what people come up with to try to get their message across. I have to recommend spell-check, though.

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