Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Did She REALLY Want?

J. was walking in the front of the store and saw a woman standing there, seemingly looking for something.

"Can I help you find something?", she asked.

"I am looking for Ann Coulter's new book and I don't see it. I looked in Current Affairs and her other books are there, I looked on a New Arrivals table and it wasn't there. I can't believe that because she's conservative, you don't carry her newest book."

"Well, actually, we do have her new book, and we carry her books." She points to the Best Seller bay, picks up Ann Coulter's book, DEMONIC, where there are about 20 copies and hands it to her. "It is a best seller."

        Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America

"It's 30% off!", the woman says surprised. "You're not even charging full price for it?!"

"Ann Coulter's book is one of our best sellers. All of the best sellers are discounted 30%."

The woman literally harrumphed.

It seemed that the woman wanted to confirm her ideas about bookstores being slanted politically more than she wanted to find the book.

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