Monday, July 18, 2011

Customers 24

Dr. Johnson (see May 17, 2011 blog post, Customers 22) came in. As usual he was nicely dressed, a long overcoat (yes, it's July and yes, he needed the coat) and a bowler hat and a cane. B. saw him as he approached the counter. As he does to many customers, he offered a compliment and said, "You look snazzy today, you look good."

Dr. Johnson looked B. up and down, never meeting his eyes, sneered at him, made a sound of disgust and walked away.


A stooped woman, early to mid 70's, short, slept-on grey hair, a light blue pullover shirt and jeans, comes up to the counter, faces this book toward me as she puts it on the counter.

       The World Encyclopedia of Rifles and Machine Guns - An Illustrated Guide to 500 Firearms

"Do you have music?", she asks.

"We don't have a full music department, we do have about 30 different CD's on the display just behind you," I answer.

"You don't have music, but you have THIS," and she gestures to the book on the counter.

"Is this important? Is this good for America?", pointing again to the book. "Is music good for America? Yes it is. So you don't have music, but you have books like this." She shakes her head. "If you think you're getting my business, you can forget it," she says, walking away.

Twenty minutes later she comes up to my counter and purchases a calendar, saying nothing about music or guns or America.


A man came to E's. register. He held up his hand and slowly passed it in front of E's face. "You will give me 30% off of the item of my choice," he said, in an Obi-Wan Kenobi "These are not the droids you are looking for" voice. Unfortunately he wasn't a Jedi, so he didn't get the discount.


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  1. Another wonderful post about humans. We're so quirky, aren't we?