Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tantric Sex...for Dummies?

A man, in his early 30's, dark hair, long dark mustache, came up to the Info desk. "Twyla" was there.

"I'm looking for a book, TANTRIC SEX FOR DUMMIES, do you have it?"

Twyla looked in the computer, "I don't see that exact title..." she said.

"Oh," he said, disappointed. "Are there any other books about tantric sex?"

"There are, right over here," she takes him to the section and leaves him to browse. About ten minutes later he came back up to the desk...

"You were right! There wasn't TANTRIC SEX FOR DUMMIES, I was wrong about the title, but this is the book I was looking for, the IDIOT'S GUIDE TO TANTRIC SEX, not TANTRIC SEX FOR DUMMIES! Sorry I was wrong about the title, but this is it! Isn't this great?!"

       Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex

"That is great, glad you found it," she said.

"This is perfect, just what I wanted, see? Look at the pictures!", he leaned in to show her.

She quickly leaned away and busied herself with a stack of books. "I'm glad you found it," she repeated. "You can pay for it up front at the register."

Sometimes people want to share way more than we want to see.

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