Friday, July 29, 2011

Customers 25

A woman asked me to try and find a book. She thought the author's name was Michelle Mitchell. She said it was a book about people who'd abused animals and when they died, they met St. Peter at the gates of heaven and he sent them back to Earth as animals, to live with the families of the people whose animals they'd hurt. I searched our in store search and I searched on google, using every combination of key words I could think of and didn't find anything even close. She heard it from a receptionist at her doctor's office. She has another appointment next week with that doctor. She'll ask the reception then for more information.


I hung up on someone today...I answered the phone like I usually do..."Thank you for calling [our business], this is [my name], how can I help you?" The caller said, "I'm looking for some gay porn. [my name], I need you to help me find out more about this. Tell me what you have in gay porn." I said, "We can't help you with that," and hung up on him.

This brought up a discussion among us, there are people who call, who seem to like to make us uncomfortable about sexual things. One man calls and if a female bookseller answered would ask about a book (and yes, this is a real book) titled, A Hand in the Bush, (and yes, probably whatever you're thinking it's about is correct). He'd ask the bookseller to read the back cover to him. "Twyla" never fell for it, and was disgusted that he'd even ask. She would tell other booksellers that they didn't have to read sexual descriptions to callers. Not part of our job description.


A man calling the store asked for a book titled (I thought) Life Without Limbs. I started looking it up and the caller said..."The title is Life Without Limits." I looked it up and found the book called Life Without Limits. It's about a man who doesn't have any limbs, Nick Vujucic.

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