Friday, December 3, 2010

Purging Holds

At the bookstore where I work, we have a hold shelf for customers who have special ordered books or reserved them. Sometimes the people don't come to pick up the books they've reserved, so we have to purge the holds. Yesterday, the following books were removed from the hold shelf. It's interesting (I think so, anyway) to see what books people wanted to buy, at least at the time they put them on hold.

Water the Bamboo: Unleashing the Potential of Teams and Individuals by Greg Bell
Sackett by Louis L'Amour
Sedimentary Rock (in the Geology Rocks series) by Rebecca Faulkner
The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry
Ancient Egypt in the DK Eyewitness series
The Virginian by Owen Wister
Getting Naked: a Business Fable About Shedding the Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty by Patrick Lencioni
Elegy for Iris by John Bayley
Four copies of Treasure Island and two copies of abridged Gulliver's Travels
Portland's Palate by the Junior League of Portland
And my favorite...Becoming a Millionaire God's Way: Getting Money To You, Not From You by Dr. Thomas C. Anderson

Water The Bamboo: Unleashing The Potential Of Teams And Individuals      Sedimentary Rock (Geology Rocks!/ Express Edition)

The Templar Legacy: A Novel      

Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding The Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty (J-B Lencioni Series)   Elegy for Iris

        From Portland's Palate   Becoming a Millionaire God's Way: Getting Money to You, Not from You

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