Sunday, December 26, 2010

In Favor of Gift Receipts

I am not completely looking forward to how work is going to be today, on this day after Christmas.

We are having a clearance sale, and that is fine. People will be coming in to use their gift cards and that is also fine. People will also be coming in to return or exchange gifts they received that they don't want. Many of them will not have a receipt of any kind. And that's where the dreading comes in.

Our store policy is that we can't take anything back without a receipt (gift or original) or some way to track the transaction, such as the credit card used for purchase. So after Christmas, WE'RE the ones who get to tell the recipient who is not happy with their gift that we can't take back the item because there is no receipt of any kind or way to track the purchase. So the recipient is stuck with something they don't want and won't read.

Instead of being frustrated at the gift giver, they are frustrated at us, because of our policy and because their item did not have a gift receipt.

For weeks before the holiday, we ask customers on every transaction if they would like gift receipts for the items they are purchasing.

People seem to be in two camps about whether to get gift receipts or not. Some people say yes, they would like gift receipts because they know that the recipient may already HAVE the item, OR that the the recipient may want to exchange it for something they'd like better.

Other people, however, say "They'll just have to like it!", or "I guess they'll have to keep it then, won't they?", seemingly determined to get them something they feel that they should have.

I understand that sentiment. HOWEVER, it doesn't really take into account the recipient.

I wish everyone would get and use gift receipts for the gifts they give. The person you are giving to might already have the item you're getting them. Or they might not want it. And that's okay, you did the best you could. Let them get something they do want and will enjoy. Because that's the goal, isn't it? For them to be happy? And to have good thoughts of whomever gave them the gift?

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