Sunday, September 19, 2010

Best Customer Request of the Day

A guy in a football jersey came up to the register and asked if we carry Cliff Notes. I told him we carry mostly Spark Notes, and a few Cliff Notes.

"What are Spark Notes?", he asked.

"They are a lot like Cliff Notes, just a different brand," I said.

"I'm looking for a particular book in Cliff Notes," he said.

"If you go to the Information Desk, they can look it up and tell you if we have it or if it comes in Spark Notes or Cliff Notes," I told him.

He said, "The book is called, Beyond the Influence".

We keep a lot of copies of this book on hand, as it is often court ordered for DUI's.

                                             Beyond the Influence: Understanding and Defeating Alcoholism

"Oh, that probably isn't available in Spark Notes," I said. "We have the actual book, though."

"EVERYone has the book," he said glumly. "I want the Cliff Notes."


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