Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vacation Reading...and Releasing!

Before the holiday crunch really hits (it's already started for me a little bit, I work in a bookstore), we are taking a badly needed vacation.

And of course, we will be reading.

Some books we'll be reading digitally, and some we'll be reading and releasing in the wild.

Are you familiar with Bookcrossing?

Say you have some books that you've read. You don't want to keep them, necessarily, you've decided that you are done with them. You can register the books at Bookcrossing. ( Each book is assigned a unique ID#, which is written on the book (usually the inside front cover). The book can then be released "in the wild" - at a coffee shop, on a park bench, in a some public place where someone else can find it. Hopefully that someone else will take it home and journal that they found it online (you don't have to join Bookcrossing to journal that you found a book!). Then they can also read it and release it, either to someone they know (a "controlled release") or back in the wild. You, as the original registerer of the book, through email updates, can see where the the book goes on its Bookcrossing journey. It's pretty brilliant.

Therapist and I have been Bookcrossers for years. In fact, we met through Bookcrossing. (awww) We have had books that we've released travel around the world. We are excited to start some books on their journey, as well venture on our own.

You can see my Bookcrossing profile here:

And you can find out more about Bookcrossing here:

Digitally on our trip (and obviously not releasing) we'll be enjoying Justin Cronin's THE TWELVEicon, the second in his series he started in THE PASSAGE. We'll also be reading DEATH OF SWEET MISTERicon, by Daniel Woodrell.

As hard copy books (or "book books", as I sometimes call them), I'm taking Tana French's THE LIKENESSicon to read and release, also THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWERicon by Stephen Chbosky and IF I STAYicon by Gayle Forman.

Other books we're taking to release are:
I AM THE CHEESEicon by Robert Cormier
PAPER TOWNSicon by John Green
LIVE BY NIGHTicon by Dennis Lehane
NEVERWHEREicon by Neil Gaiman
AGE OF MIRACLESicon by Karen Thompson Walker


As for taking books on a trip? Yes, we know books are heavy. AND, after releasing them, we will have more room in our luggage for souvenirs.

Clicking on the book covers will take you to Amazon's web page for the book. Clicking on the underlined book title may take you to Barnes and Noble's web page for the book (it's been glitchy, but it's worth a try!). Purchasing books through these links helps support the blog. You can send us email: 2of3Rs(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Happy reading!

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