Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vacation Reading and Releasing (part two!)

Our vacation was very relaxing, and very satisfying. Both of us got a lot of reading in, which was lovely.

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWERicon by Stephen Chbosky was quite good. Recently made into a movie (which we haven't seen yet), a young man tells his story through letters to a mysterious "friend".

THE LIKENESSicon by Tana French, like IN THE WOODS by the same author, is a mystery. In this one, Cassie Maddox tells the story. A murder victim is found, but the victim looks exactly like Cassie, and was using an identity Cassie used as an undercover agent. How is this possible? Filled with twists and turns, this was a good read.

IF I STAYicon by Gayle Forman was lovely. Classified as a teen book, Mia, the main character, is in a car accident and is in a coma. She has to decide whether to stay and wake up, living with the horrific aftermath of the accident, or to die.

DEATH OF SWEET MISTERicon by Daniel Woodrell was intense and not so cheery. If you, like a few people we know (very few. okay, one), found WINTER'S BONE (which Woodrell also wrote) uplifting, then you might like this.

THE TWELVEicon by Justin Cronin is second in the trilogy he started with THE PASSAGE. There are vampire/zombie-like creatures (called "virals"). People die. Many people die. This has the extreme good vs evil feeling as Stephen King's THE STAND. Great vacation read.

Another way the vacation was satisfying was that we released quite a few Bookcrossing books (see this recent post: for details about Bookcrossing and how one "releases" books).

We released three in the hotel where we were staying, one in the main lobby (Tana French's THE LIKENESS), one by the pool (I AM THE CHEESEicon by Robert Cormier). We went to a local spa where there were books in the waiting area and we released one of the books there (NEVERWHEREicon by Nail Gaiman). Two books were released outside in shopping areas (PAPER TOWNSicon by John Green and
We also released several books in airports, mostly in waiting areas by departure and arrival gates, two in the Dallas Fort Worth airport (THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWERicon by Stephen Chbosky and AGE OF MIRACLESicon by Karen Thompson Walker), and one in Miami (IF I STAYicon by Gayle Forman).


Releasing the books did give us more room for souvenirs!

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