Saturday, October 6, 2012

Handselling At My New Store

I'm working at a new store now, and I am still handselling the book I wrote, 7 STEPS TO FINDING YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFEicon, as my 100 Handsell book.*


Fortunately, I got to carryover the number of books I sold at my previous store location (31!), so I didn't have to start from scratch.

I sold three of my books last week, which is great!

I started with five copies of the book in the store, and the other night there were just two left. When I came in the next afternoon, the one copy that I had placed on a little plexi stand was gone. I wondered if it had sold after I left last night, or this morning before I got there, but no. I checked sales and on hand stock count and we were still supposed to have two copies in the store. One copy was in the section (the section a book is to be placed in is chosen by the publisher and corporate. I'm not sure I agree with the section choice, but that is a topic for another blog post), and the other was supposed to be on the plexi.

Except that it wasn't.

I looked, other booksellers looked, none of us could find the book. One possibility was that it got stolen.

Our store's community relations person saw me later in the shift and told me that she knew that I'd sold three copies of my book this week and how great that was.

"It is great!", I told her, "But I had two copies left and now we can't find one of the copies. I'm wondering if it got stolen."

She looked surprised, and then pleased. "Someone stole your book?? Wow, now you really rate!" And she gave me a high five.

Last night I was working and as I was organizing the books on the hold shelf, I saw that my book was in a group of books there, wrapped in papers, held for a customer. I'm glad the book wasn't stolen, but either way, somebody wants the book!

*You can see my post here: - for details about the handsell challenge.

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