Friday, August 10, 2012


Several months ago we heard that our bookstore would be closing. A new (bigger!) store is opening close by, though we haven't been guaranteed positions at the new store. The staff at our current store will disperse, either to work at the new store or at another store in our area. Some people will leave the company all together.

A position opened at one of the stores in our area. This position opened up a few months before our store closure, sooner than I was expecting to need to make a decision or application to transfer. ("What? Now? Okay!")

I start in the position on Monday.

Which means that tomorrow is my last day at this store. I've been at this store for over three years. I've forged friendships and good working relationships with people there.

I told Therapist that I've been thinking a lot about tomorrow being my last day, but I haven't really been feeling feelings about tomorrow being my last day.

Today I said good-bye to a few of the people I work with who don't work tomorrow. And tomorrow there will be more good-byes.

There were feelings today. A few tears. There will be more feelings tomorrow.

Therapist has been reminding me that "life turns on a dime", and we don't know where everyone will end up. It is likely that I will end up working with some of these people again.

I hope so.

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  1. Indeed, life does change drastically from one moment to another. I'm glad that you have a position and I am sure that it will lead to something even better than you had/did before.

    1. Guillermo,
      Thanks for your good wishes!

  2. People come in and out of our lives and some of the most unlikely ones remain forever. I met one of my dearest friends back in 1976. We were co-workers, actually the same age (I'm 3 months older.) We didn't live in the same town then and only for a few short years lived in the same city. We now live in far distant states and for a time she lived in a different country. However, we are very good friends. Interestingly enough I never expected her to be a friend, but now we've been through a lot together. I trust we will be friends until our death.

    1. Yes, I also have friends I've made at work from jobs long past. Things change and some friends stay with us forever.