Friday, August 24, 2012

Customers 34

A woman, late 20's or early 30's, long dark hair and wearing a red sweater came to the counter to purchase two books. One was SEX 365icon positions. The other was Melody Beattie's CODEPENDENT NO MOREicon.


"Is there anywhere else in the store where I'd find books like this?", she said, pointing to the sex book. "It's for a bachelorette party."

"You got this in the Sex and Love section?", I asked. "That's pretty much where those kinds of books will be. Our bargain section might have something like that and there is a wedding section and that has some bride and groom game kinds of things, but mostly related to weddings."

"No, it's for the bachelorette party," she said. "This will be great, I just wondered if there was somewhere else to look. This other one is for me. I'm getting divorced and this was recommended to me by my therapist."

"Well, it's a good one," I said. "Melody Beattie is really the pioneer on codependence." I paused.

"It's kind of weird that I'm buying them both together, isn't it?", she said, smiling.

"I guess," I said, smiling back at her. "Would you like a bag?"

"I'm going straight back to work, I need a bag!", she said, blushing a little.

As I put the books in the bag, I saw that the cover of the sex book was visible through the plastic. "Here', I'll turn this over so no one can see it."

"THANKS!", she said.


A woman with light brown hair, wearing a light blue shirt came to the counter. She had two children with her. She looked tired. She was buying a set of two mini lap desks, one blue and one black.

"If only they were the same color," she said.

"You want them the same color?", I asked. "With different colors then they can tell which one is theirs."

"No," she said, "With different colors they fight over who gets which color. Having them the same color is better."

"Now that you mention it, my cousin did that with beach towels. She got the whole family the same color and design, and that way she could easily scoop them up at the beach or the pool. It made it easier for her," I said.

"Exactly. When the kids were littler? We had all the different sets of plates? Some were Toy Story, some were Disney, some were Winnie the Pooh. The fighting never stopped. I got rid of those. Now? The dishes and plates are blue."

"Well, good luck with the lap desks" I said.

"Thanks," she said.

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