Friday, June 15, 2012

Notes on Some Books

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED by Anne and Sam Lamott (audio)
I really enjoyed this journal of Anne Lamott's first year of being a grandmother - and Sam's first year of being a father. You can read my blog post about this book here:

THE AGE OF MIRACLES by Karen Thompson Walker
We were lucky enough to snag an advance reader copy of this book. In it, the Earth's rotation is slowing. Told through the eyes of a young girl, she tells how The Slowing affects her life. It was an interesting read, and the author did a great job of keeping the premise going. It didn't end as hopefully as I thought it might from the title, though perhaps the ending was fitting to what one might suppose from such a dramatic Earth change.

THE PARIS WIFE by Paula McLain
I hadn't been a Hemingway-ophile before reading this. I have to say that this book piqued my interest about Hemingway and his life. Written from the point of view of Hadley, Hemingway's first wife, the novel, based on actual events and people, is a wonderful depiction of his early writing years and this marriage. I really enjoyed this.

Recommended by a co-worker, I wanted to read this after hearing that it was Miller's reflections on his own life after being approached to make his life into a movie. Is his life movie-worthy? How do we make our own lives mean something? I appreciated his reflections and insight.

BRINGING UP BEBE by Pamela Druckerman
Druckerman wants to understand how French children seem to behave better, and she strives to find out why. What she learns isn't rocket makes a lot of sense. As I read, I saw things that I did fairly well as a parent (helping my kids learn how to wait), and things I didn't do all that well (The Pause - waiting and allowing the baby to settle when they stirred as infants). I wish I'd had this book when I was a new parent.

THE PLAZA by Guillermo Paxton
After reading an actual news story about the 49 people who were beheaded in Mexico as part of a power demonstration between warring factions, I knew I wanted to read this book. THE PLAZA is a gritty portrayal of life in Juarez, Mexico as the city is terrorized by drug wars. Paxton has done an excellent job of portraying the horrors of living in such circumstances. You can read my full review here:

I AM THE CHEESE by Robert Cormier
I read a review of this book written by Ben Marcus, author of The Alphabet Flame. He talked about the main character in this being an unreliable narrator, which was a new and somewhat disturbing experience for him as a reader. It made me curious. The narrator is a boy, riding his bike 70 miles to take a package to his father. Alternating with a description by the narrator of the ride and interview sessions of the narrator by an unknown and fairly mysterious adult, this is well done.

FLIGHT BEHAVIOR by Barbara Kingsolver
Coming in November, Kingsolver's new book is a good one. Set in a small town in Appalachia, a young woman finds herself involved in some sort of natural phenomenon (and yes, that is vague. I don't want to give too much away. Sometimes knowing too much about a book is not a good thing). Kingsolver is such a good writer, I enjoy reading almost anything by her.

GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn
Therapist's most excellent review (link below) made me want to read this book. I am almost done with the book and am thoroughly enjoying it. SO well done.


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