Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tantalizing Books...What to Choose?

As I drove into work today, on this dreary, heavily misting early morning, I was glad to be going to a bookstore. Is there anything better on a rainy day than being in a bookstore with some warm coffee? I don't think so either. (even though later in the day it got pretty busy and crazy and didn't feel so warm and cozy and relaxing...but that's another blog entry).

There are a lot of interesting new books that have been released or will be released soon...I'm looking forward to choosing what to read! Some that have caught my eye...

Ellen DeGeneres has a new book out...SERIOUSLY, I'M KIDDING. I love Ellen. She is one of the (relatively few, I think) comedians who can write funny as well as be funny doing stand-up. Or her talk show.


THE VERY PICTURE OF YOU by Isabel Wolff, author of VINTAGE AFFAIR is just out. I haven't read VINTAGE AFFAIR (yet!), but everyone I know who has read it has liked it, and this new one looks interesting as well.


Long anticipated, THE MARRIAGE PLOT by Jeffrey Eugenides comes out Tuesday, October 11. I'm hoping it's as good as his other books.


I've always enjoyed reading Roger Ebert's movie reviews. I know he's been struggling with cancer for quite a few years, and he has a new book out as well, LIFE ITSELF. I'd like to check it out.


I haven't read Michael Lewis yet (MONEYBALL, THE BIG SHORT, THE BLIND SIDE, LIAR'S POKER), but his new book, BOOMERANG: TRAVELS IN THE NEW THIRD WORLD, looks intriguing. His other books do too!


And of course the biography about Steve Jobs is coming out at the end of the month. A loyal Mac (and ipod and iphone) user, I'm interested to read more about his vision that has done more to make computers user friendly than anyone else.


Chris Bohjalian has a new one out, THE NIGHT STRANGERS. For me I either really like his books or not so much. We'll see how this one is.


I've loved everything I've read by Diana Abu Jaber, and she has a new one, BIRDS OF PARADISE, set in Miami. Could be interesting!


Julie Otsuka, author of THE EMPEROR WAS DIVINE, has a new one out, THE BUDDHA IN THE ATTIC, about Japanese picture brides arriving in San Francisco around the turn of the last century.


SKIPPY DIES by Paul Murray is new. Not a high profile author, it is getting good buzz. I might have to read this one. One of my co-workers said it is some of the most beautiful writing he's ever read. High praise indeed!


What will YOU be reading?

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