Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Customers 29

A young Asian boy, about six years old came up to the counter with his 2-3 year old sister and his mom. The little boy put a copy of Magic Tree House #26 on the counter. Mom is holding the little girl, who has an I Can Read book about Spiderman.

In a loud voice, the boy says, "Hi! I've been waiting to see you! I've been waiting to see you since I got #25! Hi!"

"Hi!" I said back, not quite as loudly. "It's good to see you too! You like these books!"

"I do!" he says.

I see the girl's Spiderman book and I say, "You like Spiderman, that's cool."

She looks at me and says, "I like Superman."

I point to the superhero, "That's Spiderman there on the cover, do you like Spiderman?" I ask.

She looks at me. "Superman," she says.

Her mother says in a low voice, "She thinks that's Superman."

"Ah," I say. "I like Superman too. Superman is great. Looks like you've got a good book there."

The very next day the same family comes in. The boy puts Magic Tree House #31 on the counter. "Hey!" he says loudly. "What are you doing here again?"

"That's a very good question," I said. "That was quick, did you finish the other one?"

His mom said, "He gets a new one when he finishes reading one. I was going to discontinue that, but his dad wants to keep doing it, so..." she shrugs.

"Well, that's a pretty good deal," I told the boy. "You're reading them pretty fast. We're going to have to get you some harder books to read pretty soon, though."

"She has a question," one of the booksellers told me. A young woman, about 18 years old, pink shirt and jeans, and long brown hair came up to the Information desk.

"I'm looking for a book called Felidae," she said.

"That's F-E-L-I-D-A-E?" I asked.

"That's right," she said.

We used to get a cat food called Felidae, so I figured it had something to do with cats, though I wasn't aware of a book with that title. I found a romance novel with that title, and a couple of textbooks, both of them dealing with large cats (pumas, panthers, leopards, etc.). I asked her if any of those were what she was looking for.

"Nope," she said, not offering any other information. I kept looking. Didn't find anything else, either on the internet or in our system.

"Do you have an author?" I asked.

"No," she said.

"Is it about cats?" I asked. "Lions? Leopards? That kind of thing?"

"It is about cats, but not those kind of cats. It's about house cats. And murder," she said.

"House cats and murder? Okay, interesting!" I did another internet search with some different key words, "Felidae, cats, murder", and sure enough, came up with a novel by Akif Pirincci called FELIDAE: A Novel of Cats and Murder! I was not able to order it through our system at the store;, so I suggested that she try searching for it used online.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Unfortunately, clicking on the FELIDAE cover will not take you anywhere for you to purchase it. I just thought it was a fun cover! You can still "like" us on facebook, subscribe to the blog on this page, or send us email: 2of3Rs(AT)gmail(dot)com.

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