Sunday, October 24, 2010

John Dies @ The End

         John Dies at the End

E. is 23, is in college, and he's read it three times since January. He told P. and M. about the book and they started reading it. P. and M. told me. "Horror," they said, "and comedy."

Really? Yes, really.

In this book David Wong tells his own story - he and his friend, John (of the title), encounter some pretty mind bending, universe altering s**t. At a party they come in contact with soy sauce (not the Chinese food kind), which changes time and space. And various people end up dead. Or changed (person in the body of a dog, just as a for instance). There are monsters and battles and blood and slimy crawly things and friendships and even a little love. Some of the scenes are quite gory and violent; there is plenty of horror for any fan of the genre. And...there is humor.

David talks about getting something out of his emergency kit in his Bronco...

"This is my emergency kit. It contained a roll of duct tape, a spare pair of pants, an envelope with two hundred dollars, two bags of dried fruit, two packages of beef jerky, three bottles of water, a small metal pipe - just right for cracking a skull with - and a fake beard. Look, you never know."

Well, right.

This is a wild ride...David and John encounter soy sauce, which is going to disrupt, and probably destroy, the universe (and not in a good way). They try to stop it, hopefully minimizing the body count along the way. Existential questions are posed, some people die, and you'll probably laugh out loud. What's not to like?

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