Saturday, October 2, 2010

Customers 12

A customer was checking out with her purchases. There were three booksellers close by.

She said, "I'm looking for a book, it starts with the letter "C".

"The book starts with "C" or the author starts with "C"?, one of us asked.

"The author starts with "C". He has a new book out.", she said.

"Clive Cussler?", I asked?

"No, not him," she said.

"Do you know any titles of any of his books?"

"No, I don't know any titles of his books. But he's very good looking, he and his wife are a lovely couple. He has sort of a partial beard," she said.

This is not helping.

"He died today," she said.

That's better, but it's still not coming up for any of us. We were trying.

"Tony Curtis died yesterday, I know he's more of an actor, but...," said a bookseller.

"Oh no," she said disgustedly. "It's not Tony Curtis, I don't care about him."

Finally one of the booksellers surreptitiously pulled out her cell phone that had access to the internet.

"Stephen Cannell died today, is it him?", the bookseller said.

"Yes! That's it! Oh he was a wonderful writer, he was in his 60's. How did you ever come up with his name?"


"Do you have a restroom in here?", a customer asked.

"We sure do. There's a green sign on the wall just over there." I gestured toward the direction of the restroom.

"And the sign says restroom?," she asked.

"Um, yep, that's what it says," I said.

(I wanted to say, "No, the sign actually says Free Hot dogs". But I didn't.)

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