Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Interesting Suggestion!

"Do you charge people to use the bathroom?", he asked.

"Um, what was that?", I said, not sure I was hearing right.

"Do you charge people to use the bathroom here? You really should," he said. "If people haven't bought an actual book here, then they shouldn't be able to use the bathrooms."

The man, tall with greying hair, unshaven face, wearing a blue rain jacket and jeans, stood by the register to talk to me at the bookstore where I work.

He continued, "People use the bookstore to browse, and they they go home and buy a digital copy of the book. They are using your bookstore to find out what they want, but they aren't supporting you guys. If people think there's no reason for brick and mortar, see how they do if they can't use the bathroom." He was emphatic.

"You've got a point," I said.

"It would be worth it to have someone by the restrooms checking to see if customers have a receipt," he went on, "and then charge them to use the bathroom if they haven't bought anything. Really, you guys should do that."

"Interesting idea," I said.

I smiled, thinking of how a fee to use the bathroom would go over.

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