Saturday, March 10, 2012

5 minute meeting

I started back at a bookstore after 20 years away, raising kids, teaching school, working in social services. In social services, I worked with at-risk families. We saw domestic violence, alcohol and drug addiction, and mental illness on a daily basis.

We had meetings that lasted hours in which we'd go over our cases with public health nurses and other professionals in the county. We worked with families for months, sometimes years, sometimes seeing significant change for the better, sometimes not.

I knew I was in a good place when I started one of my first shifts back at the bookstore and we had a "Five Minute Meeting". These were held at the beginning of each shift to update everyone on any changes in procedures or any big new releases or any special happenings for the day. AND, sometimes we went around and answered the question...What are you reading?

This is a work meeting? It's 5 minutes long? And we get to talk about what we're reading? I love it.

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