Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Few Books, A Few Customers

A couple of books I saw today...

Deepak Chopra has a new book coming out, did you know about this? THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUPERHEROES...there is no picture of the front cover yet, but aren't you a little curious?

and I don't know how I missed this one...

SADDLED AND SPURRED by Lorelei James...

     Saddled and Spurred: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel

"Twiggy" (also known as "Twyla") took a phone call. The man on the phone asked if she had some time. "Suuure," she said. "How can I help you?"

"Could you go look up a book for me?", he asked. "Do you have GO, DOG. GO!?"

"Yes, we have that," she said without a pause.

"Is it the 50th Anniversary edition? We need that edition."

"Yes, we have that edition," said Twiggy.

"Well, could you go and get it? And look at one of the pages?"

"Um, okay." She went and got the book.

"Could you tell me the third word on page 33?", he asked.

"Okay, let's see...the word is 'at'," she said.

"Oh, great, thanks!", he said, and hung up.

About ten minutes later someone came into the store. "Do you have any Dr. Seuss books?"

"We sure do, right this way."

"We need GO, DOG. GO!."

"Ah. Page 33?"

"Yes! We called in, but we needed the third word on the second line of page 33. Not the third word on the page."

"Right over here."

"There will be more of us, we're doing a car rally and are getting clues. The grandparents are coming in too."

Sure enough, a few minutes later, some other people came in, asking for GO, DOG. GO!.

"Bring a copy up to the front," I said. "We can make it easier."

One of the booksellers brought a book to the front. About 20 minutes later, three people, maybe in their late 60's came in. "Where are you Dr. Seuss books?", they asked.

"The one you want is right here," I said, and handed them the book.

"Oh, great! Thank you!"


And for all you curious people, the third word on the second line of page 33 of the 50th Anniversary edition of GO, DOG. GO! is "party".

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