Friday, April 8, 2011

Before the Trip

I'm trying to read hardcovers before the trip, as I don't want to carry them in the suitcase on vacation. Too heavy!

I just finished UNFAMILIAR FISHES by Sarah Vowell, her latest book about the United States' annexation of Hawaii. As with THE WORDY SHIPMATES, this one is chock full of information and Vowell's acerbic take on history.

       Unfamiliar Fishes

I'm in the middle of SWAMPLANDIA! by Karen Russell. Narrated by Ava Bigtree, second daughter of the Bigtree clan, who owns Swamplandia!, an alligator theme park. Hilola Bigtree, mother and "Swamp Centaur", star of the show, dies. A new theme park, The World of Darkness, opens in a nearby town. Business at Swamplandia! falls off and Ava, the second daughter, struggles as she and her father and siblings deal with the loss of their mother and their livelihood. Quirky, dark, clever.


After that I may have to try Tina Fey's new book, BOSSYPANTS. Another one caught my eye, HEADS YOU LOSE co-written by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward, Lutz's former boyfriend, which evidently makes for a volatile and explosive writing collaboration. Could be interesting!

     Heads You Lose     Bossypants

Lots to read!

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