Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nursing...and Massage

A woman called on the phone. She's a nurse doing a research project and was referred to us from nursing schools. In her project, she's making the case to have nurses incorporate massage into nursing care. Back in the day, hospital patients received a 15 minute massage every night before bed. It was part of the daily routine. Other tasks have taken the place of massage. This woman wants to find out if massage is even being taught in nursing schools any more, so needed to be able to know what books are being used as texts.

There are many books with different authors and different publishers titled (some variation of) Fundamentals of Nursing. Each nursing school only chooses ONE of those as the text they use, so the woman had already been to a few schools of nursing, each of which only had one text. She wanted to see, across the spectrum, what is being taught in nursing schools. Is massage being taught in any of them? How much? Is massage considered an important part of nursing care? Is massage even mentioned as a part of nursing care at all? Her theory is that it is not, but she needed to see some texts to find out for sure.

I referred her to our website, which, if you put in "fundamentals of nursing", gives LOTS of options, and at least she can get some names, authors and publishers.

Fundamentals of Nursing    Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Nursing Care (Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art & Science of Nursing Care)    Fundamentals of Nursing: Human Health and Function (Craven, Fundamentals of Nursing: Human Health and Function)    

If I ever have to go to the hospital, I'd like to get a massage. I wished her luck with her project. Interesting!

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  1. I get regular massages and think they would be very beneficial in a health-care setting.