Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Amazing Customer

A man came into the store carrying a black box and a camcorder. He asked to speak to a manager. I asked what it was regarding, and he explained that he's doing an Amazing Race kind of thing for his wife for her birthday, and was hoping that our store could be a place where his wife would have a task to do and get her next clue.

I told him that I thought it was a great idea, that I love The Amazing Race, and he said, "So does she. And we have four kids, and she doesn't have time...doesn't have time for anything."

It's her birthday today, we'll have dinner over at The Cheesecake Factory where she'll get her first clue."

I've written up instructions for the staff here, if it's all right."

He showed us the box he'd made, made to look like one of the clue boxes on the Amazing Race. Inside were two clue envelopes and the instructions for the staff.

The instructions said:
For SPY, Melissa, my beautiful wife, will bring you a paper. Look under the message at the bottom of the page. The correct wording is 'Kiss me, you fool!' If she has it right, smile and tell her to follow the message. Once she kisses me, hand her the clue.

For EYE, Once Melissa brings you The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday by Alexander McCall Smith, hand her the envelope marked Task Two. It says to kiss her teammate. Once she has done this to your satisfaction, hand her the clue.

He made arrangements with the manager, got the phone number for the store so he could call and let us know they were on their way.

I am eager to get to work and hear how Melissa did last night on her very own Amazing Race with her Amazing (Customer) husband. So sweet!

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