Friday, January 9, 2015

Watership Down

This last holiday season at Whole Foods, we sold some stuffed plush animals. One of them was a beautiful, wild looking rabbit. One of my coworkers bought him as a gift for a friend's baby. She bought him because he reminded her of Hazel.

Ah, Hazel! And Fiver and Pipkin and Bigwig! It had been so long since I read Watership Down! It was great to reminisce about reading this great book.

I told my coworker/friend that it's such a hard book to describe. I told her that after I'd read it in high school and my mom asked what it was about, I told her (inadequately) that it was about a bunch of rabbits.

"Oh, but it's about so much more! Bravery and friendship and much!"


And of course she was right right. I decided it was time to read Watership Down again. And so I am. A good way to start the year.

What are you reading to start 2015?

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