Saturday, September 13, 2014

Books at Whole Foods?

I miss working with books every day.

Since I left employment at the bookstore 15 months ago, I've missed seeing books every day at work.

I work at Whole Foods now. I have a job I really enjoy (vitamin/supplement buyer) and I love working for this company. It's fun...and, at the same time, not being around books all day is something I've been missing.

A few weeks ago I was digging through boxes of incoming shipments looking for vitamins from a particular vendor and found...books! Not just cookbooks, which we've always carried, but BOOKS! Current fiction! Current non-fiction! What?!?!? Are we going to start carrying books????

Indeed we are. We are one of two tests stores in our region (our region being Oregon, Washington and Canada) that will be carrying books to see how well they move. YAY!

The display is now up, and they seem to be selling. It's not the hugest selection, but there are some interesting titles. It is really fun to have some good books back in my work life again.

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