Saturday, July 5, 2014

Will I Like This Book?

I follow a few book blogs. I like seeing what others are reading and how well they like what they are reading.

One of the bloggers I follow ( gave a strong, but brief recommendation for A Land More Kind Than Home.

Her recommendation went something like...
"A Land More Kind Than Home - An amazing book by Wiley Cash. Read it."


It's a strong, positive recommendation. She really liked this book. Would I like it as well?

I do not know this person at all. I don't even know this person's reading tastes very well, as she posts often on Facebook, but her posts are more about reading than what she has been reading herself. I have selected books to read after reading recommendations written by people I don't know, but they are usually more detailed and involved reviews. This recommendation was really short. And I do not know this blogger personally.

I have friends with whom I know I share similar book tastes...when they recommend a particular book, I pay attention. Of course it has happened that books they have LOVED have been ones that I've not liked quite as well as they did (and vice versa). My book tastes often align with people I know well, but not always.

So this blogger gave a high recommendation, but do I share her taste in books? I don't know her in person, I only know her from her blog and Facebook page. I know she reads. A lot. I know she loves books. I know she has a daughter. That's about all I know about this particular blogger.

Well, and I know that she loved this particular book. Would I love this book too?

I was in the bookstore a few weeks ago and found A Land More Kind Than Home in the bargain section...a hardcover for $5.98. I thought I'd give it a try.

I started it a couple of times and couldn't get into it. So I put it down, wondering if I would ever want to pick it up again.

Yesterday I picked it up again. I'm about 60 pages in and I am wanting to find out what happens next.

Will I like this book as well as she did? I'll let you know!

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