Friday, December 6, 2013

December 2013 (Free!) Book Giveaway

In January of this year, I announced that there would be a book giveaway every month for 2013.

I made it to April. About that time I decided to change jobs, and spent a lot of time preparing - I hadn't written a resume in over ten years!, exploring and I finally made the move in June. I've been working at my new job since then, and adjusting to the change.

Six months to adjust to the change, you ask? Well...yes. That may very well be the subject of another blog. But back to the giveaway!

Here's how great it is. YOU get to choose which book you'd like to receive! The only requirement is that the book you choose has to have been mentioned at some point on this blog (I did receive one entry where the person wanted to receive a book that was not mentioned on the blog. That entry was disqualified.)

To enter the giveaway:
1. Look through the blog and find a book that you'd like to receive.

(Hint: the blog started in January 2010. At the end of each year, or beginning of a year, I list all the books I read that year. Scanning one of the annual lists to find a book you'd like might be quicker than reading through each blog post, as illuminating and fascinating as that might be!)

2. Add a comment here on the blog that includes your name (first name is fine) and the title of the book you've chosen. Entries will not be received through the blog's facebook page.

3. Enter by the end of the day, Sunday December 15, 2013.
That's it!

At that time, I will number the comments and randomly pick a number with a random number generator. I will send a message to the winner as a comment on the blog and that winner will have five days to respond. If that person doesn't respond, I’ll pick another number. Once I have a confirmed winner, I will get their shipping addresses via email or private message and send them the book they've chosen!*

*Note: I do not want you to put your personal contact information in the blog's comment space. This is protect you. However, you will need to enable your preferences so you see additional comments on the blog, or be sure to check back on the blog or the facebook page to see if you've won!

Entries for the giveaway need to be comments to this blog post. If you'd like to send a private message that is not an entry, do so via email: 2of3Rs(AT)gmail(DOT)com, or through a private message through the blog's facebook page, NOT The New York Times Book Review.

Thanks and good luck!


  1. The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

    1. Carolynn,
      You are the winner! You can send me email with your mailing address, and I'll get The Dog Stars out to you soon!
      Here is the email address: 2of3Rs(AT)gmail(DOT)com
      Thanks for entering!

    2. Sorry I never got back to you. Went out of town & totally forgot to check back. Thanks anyway!

    3. Too bad! I daresay there will be another giveaway...keep an eye out! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Bossypants or Mennonite in a Little Black Dress would be cool. Thanks for the reminder. Oh, or Seriously...I'm Kidding. Dianne.

  3. Thanks, Dianne, you are entered as well!

  4. I never heard back from Carolynn, so Dianne is the winner! One of the books you suggested is on its way to you!

    1. Hooray! What a great contest. I got to pick my prize. Thank you!!