Friday, March 29, 2013

Following Josh

In Dave Norman's travel memoir, Dave describes his trek across Eurasia, starting in Korea and then to China and Russia and Belarus and Poland as "following" Josh, his high school friend who has been abroad for years. He meets up with Josh as Josh is winding his way back to the States through Eurasia. Dave hasn't done much traveling before this trip and is venturing out of his comfort zone into international travel.


Densely packed with details of sights and sounds and tastes (which I liked) as well as a lot of history of areas he visited (which I also liked but it got pretty dense), FOLLOWING JOSHicon describes Dave's trip. Even though Dave met up with his friend and had some ruminations about friendships and how they change as well as how each of them had changed over the years, the book seemed less about following someone else than discovering his own interests, insights and enjoying his own trek. Which he seemed to very much. (enjoy the trek)

Dave is nothing if not a thorough observer. He immersed himself in his experiences, no matter how unfamiliar they were to him, sometimes leaving his comfort zone far behind!

I liked reading about Dave and Josh's adventures...and it sounds as though Dave caught the travel bug, there are hints that he has a new travel book coming out. Keep your eyes peeled!

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