Saturday, February 9, 2013

Telling Stories Their Own Way

I know two people who have dealt with cancer (okay, I know a lot more than that, but I am talking about two particular people here). They are both women, and both have dealt with, or are currently dealing with breast cancer. Both have undergone chemo. And they both have been sharing their battles with cancer in their own ways.

Kate Matthews is a cartoonist. In her LITTLE PINK BOOK OF CANCER CARTOONS, she, with insight that can only be gained from going through it herself, uses humor to deal with and deflect some of the awfulness of cancer and cancer treatment.*


Jacki Kane writes a blog.** It used to be about her stand-up comedy. Now it's about her run-in with cancer (who her daughter named Weird Cancer Guy). She fuses comedy, gratitude and the reality of cancer and cancer treatment into her blog posts, also including (at least!) Three Positives. (I love the Three Positives idea...I've been trying to incorporate Three Positives into my own life.)

Both of them share their harrowing experiences with cancer and cancer treatment (the hair loss! pain! chemo! surgery! medications! exhaustion!) with humor and insight. And both of their works are worth reading, whether you're dealing with cancer or not.

Not only am I glad to share in their journeys even in the most tangential of ways, I love seeing how each of them seems to have found a way that works for them to express themselves.

*Read my full blog post about Kate's book here:

**And go to Jacki's blog here:

Clicking on the book cover will take you to Amazon's page for the book. Please copy and paste the links to read more about Kate and Jacki and their work, which goes beyond addressing cancer. Thanks for stopping by!

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