Monday, May 21, 2012

An Open Letter to Authors


You have written a most excellent book. You would like the world to become aware of this most amazing book.

To this end, you scour the internet, looking for blogs or other book related sites on which to post information about your book. You brand yourself, trying to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

I get this. It's hard to get your book noticed. While digital publishing has made it easier (in some ways) to get your book published, the fact is that with so many more books in circulation, it's hard to get your book noticed. Unless a book is picked up by a major publishing house and gets early buzz from the publisher or a large book selling entity, or is featured on television (as is the case with the recently hyperpopular FIFTY SHADES OF GREY), it can get lost in oblivion.

This means that self-promotion is the name of the game.

You might post information about your most excellent book on this blog's facebook page (NOT the New York Times Book Review). These posts are welcomed.

You might also post or message and ask for a review of your book. This can be a boon for us. It is delightful to discover a heretofore unknown book that we read and enjoy. (See my post on THE PRANKicon by Adam Black here:

But here's the deal. You can ask for a review. And we (there are two of us here) may or may not accept your request. We are selective about what we read, and read what we want to read.

Yours may very well be a most excellent book, it just may not be the most excellent book for us. Or it may not be the most excellent book for us at this time.

We appreciate those of you who take the time to send a private message with your request (or an email, using the email address below).

So authors and publishers? Go ahead and post. And email. And good luck with your book.

Thank you for reading the blog! You can send email to: 2of3Rs(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

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  1. Hi there,
    Based on the above, as well as your recent reviews of The Plaza and Gone Girl, I think Spoonful would be right up your alley and would love to get your opinion and review. Please check out our Facebook page to see if you agree. You can also read our Kirkus Starred Review here:
    If interested, you can contact us via FaceBook or .
    Thanks for your consideration and for supporting good books, particularly us indie writers/publishers!