Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Grapes of Wrath...on audio

It was time to read THE GRAPES OF WRATHicon. I had some significant driving time coming up so got the audio version.


One of my co-workers really likes audio books. She says that who the reader is really important. She loves the audio version of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRDicon, read by Sissy Spacek. Years ago I heard the audio version of Anna Quindlan's BLACK AND BLUE. I don't remember who the reader was (and couldn't find it for sure when I searched just now), but her voice was raspy and haunting. It was a stunning interpretation.

Dylan Baker is the reader this time, and his reading voice is soothing and at the same time gives life to Steinbeck's writing and the Joads. I like his interpretation of the characters (Tom Joad, Jim Casy, Pa Joad, even Ma Joad).

I don't do audio books very often and have usually quite enjoyed them. It's a nice change. I didn't even get halfway through THE GRAPES OF WRATHicon on my recent longer drives, so am listening on my way to and from work. I look forward to getting back to the story when I get in the car. I think I may have to explore some more books on audio!

Have you heard any stunning books on audio?

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