Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Right before we closed last night, torrential rains hit the store, causing a leak in the ceiling. We had to move some books out of the way and cover the fixtures with plastic. I grabbed a stack of books and said the title out loud as I carried them to the cart...

"The Joy of Keeping Chickens"


"Joy?", said P., "I don't think there's much joy in keeping chickens."

(P. is a 27 year old former Navy medic, now studying criminal justice.)

He continued, "They can be mean. Especially if you're six years old. And you're trying to get their eggs. And everyone is watching. And laughing. They'll peck you. No, I don't think there's any joy in keeping chickens."

"Sounds as though there's been some chicken trauma in your past." I said, "Perhaps you are suffering from Post Poultry Traumatic Stress Disorder. Maybe you need to get some help with that."

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