Friday, February 5, 2010

Every Day

Every day at work I see something new I'd like to read. Customers say, "I could never work here, I'd spend my whole paycheck.", and that sentiment is so true. I don't spend my whole paycheck, but I could very easily.

Today I wanted...
The Magicians by Lev of my friends from our meeting last night mentioned that she is reading it and loving it. It's sort of a Harry Potter crossed with Narnia for adults. I looked it up on the computer at work and yes, I want to read it.

A Reliable Wife by Goolrick...lots of people have been buying this recently, so today I finally took a longer look at it today and it looks intriguing. An 'honest' woman plots to kill her husband, but he has ideas of his own...I want to start reading it, see if it reads as well as it sounds.

Autobiography of an Execution by David Dow...I hadn't seen this before, it was on a display and it looks fascinating. Written by a lawyer who defends people on death row, he details the emotional toll capital punishment takes on everyone...I didn't have much time to look at it and yes, I want it.

Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat by David Dosa...about the cat who lives in a nursing home and somehow knows when someone is going to die. When a patient gets close to death, Oscar goes into their room and lies on their bed and stays there until they pass. Usually this cat doesn't spend much time in any one room...until someone is ready to die. I'd read an article about Oscar, and now there is a book. It looks like kind of a longer version of the article (so it makes me wonder how well written it is), but it is intriguing. I'd heard about Oscar when my own mother was dying. Compelling story.

I did not come home with any of these books. I did, however, snag an advance reader copy of Tamsen Donner by Gabrielle Burton, a novel Burton wrote about the Donner party. When I was a kid I read quite a bit about the Donner party...and here is a new book about it!

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